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                        USB-DVR 2.0 Features
USB-Based Digital Video Recorder/Player Reference Design
Rapid Development of Value-Priced Digital Video Peripherals for PCs
a73 USB 1.1 and 2.0 reference design for MPEG-1 or
MPEG-2 audio/video encoding/decoding
a73 Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1
a73 Includes hardware, software, firmware,
schematics, Gerbers, layout, BOM files and
system manual
a73 Computer display of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video
(requires DVD decoder software and license)
a73 Composite and S-video inputs and outputs
a73 Real-time two channel MPEG (Layer II) audio
a73 Real-time MPEG-1 video encoding/decoding
a73 Real-time MPEG-2 ML@MP video
a73 Cypress® EZ-USB
FX2 Controller
a73 CS4954 NTSC/PAL Video Encoder and CS4223
audio CODEC from Cirrus Logic
a73 Supports the Philips SAA7714 (value) and
SAA7115 (performance) video decoders
a73 Hardware-based audio/video multiplexing and
demultiplexing for perfect A/V synchronization
a73 Enables fast development of aggressively priced
USB-based digital video products
USB-DVR 2.0 Differentiators
a73 WHQL certified Windows
driver software with
digital signature
a73 USB-IF certified USB 2.0 “Hi-Speed” hardware
design with logo
a73 CODEC architecture enables analog audio/video
output to VCRs and televisions
a73 DV input and camcorder control using Divio DV
daughter card option
The USB DVR-2.0 reference design makes it easy to capture, edit,
view, and store audio, video and television signals on Microsoft
-based personal computers with USB ports. MPEG video
can be displayed on a computer monitor or a standard NTSC/PAL
video monitor. The cost-effective USB-DVR 2.0 design incorporates
the CS92288 MPEG-2 Audio/Video CODEC, the CS4223 Audio
CODEC, a video digitizer and SDRAM memory. Optional components
include the CS4954 NTSC/PAL video encoder, an NTSC or
PAL/SECAM Cable TV tuner, an audio mux and a DV daughter card. 
The CS92288 MPEG-2 audio/video CODEC is the heart of the
reference design. It's a single chip, real-time MPEG audio/video
encoder/decoder featuring a programmable system mux/demux that
encodes/decodes MPEG-1/2 compatible bitstreams with frame-
accurate lip sync. In addition, the CS92288 is one of the few
commercially available MPEG CODECs to implement both Field
Mode and 16x8 (pixel) motion estimation coding. These advanced
modes enable encoding of bitstreams of superior video quality over
a wide range of bitrates from low (2-3mb/s) to high (8-9mb/s). An
embedded audio DSP enables comprehensive format support
including MPEG-1 Layer 1 (MP1), Layer 2 (MP2) and Layer 3 (MP3).
The USB-DVR 2.0's modular design enables rapid development of
multiple PC products from a single hardware platform. The fixed
form factor (size) design uses a single plastic case for all
configurations, greatly reducing tool and die manufacturing costs.
Now OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ODMs (On-
Demand Manufacturers) can quickly bring to market new DVD-
focused PC products at mass-market price points.
For more information, visit us at www.cirrus.com
System Requirements
The minimum system requirements are:
a73 Intel 400 MHz Pentium
II/AMD 500MHz K6-2
a73 Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000
a73 64 MB minimum RAM
a73 60 MB free hard disk drive space
a73 Graphic accelerator with MS-DirectDraw
support (determined by DVD decoder software)
a73 SVGA monitor (800x600)
a73 USB 2.0 or 1.1 port
Optional DV Daughter Card
The optional USB-Divio DV daughter card plugs directly
onto the USB-DVR PCB using a standard 28-pin header and
does not affect form factor. This feature enables DV func-
tionality to be added as a factory option or as a field
upgrade. With the addition of the DV daughter card, DV can
be converted to MPEG in real-time and the camcorder can
be directly controlled via the 1394 bus, enabling software
control (and automation) of the entire editing and conver-
sion process.
Software Licenses
The USB-DVR Reference Design Kit includes a demo copy
of an OEM DVD decoder software package. It is the cus-
tomer’s responsibility to acquire the appropriate number of
software licenses for this bundled DVD decoder software to
support the manufacturing and selling of products based
on the USB-DVR 2.0 design.
a73 USB-DVR 2.0 HW Module
a73 4-Layer PCB
a73 Aluminum/Lucite casing
a73 USB Cable
a73 Power Supply
a73 USB-DVR 2.0 HW Reference CD containing:
a73 Schematics (Orcad)
a73 Gerbers
a73 Job/Layout Files (PADS)
a73 Bill of Materials (MS Excel)
a73 USB-DVR 2.0 SW Reference CD containing:
a73 Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000
a73 Demo Application
a73 Demo Application Source Code (in C++)
a73 Release/Application Notes
a73 Demo copy of OEM DVD Decoder Software
a73 USB-DVR 2.0 System Manual
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